How to Look for a Reliable Car Mechanic

In spite of the fact that numerous Americans rely upon a protected and solid vehicle to get around, it’s additionally a major speculation. Furthermore, while keeping up your vehicle with ordinary adjusting and check ups can go far to broadening its life, tracking down a car technician you can rely on may end up being a test. Indeed, a new study tracked down that over 66% of U.S. drivers don’t believe auto fix shops when all is said in done. 

1. Ask Your Neighbors, Family, and Friends 

At the point when you’re looking for a technician to chip away at your vehicle, you may feel enticed to go with a brand name or establishment name that you know. Notwithstanding, a nearby family-possessed auto shop that is committed to acceptable client assistance as a way to construct the business that upholds their family, could be basically the same or far superior. 

2. Focus on “Auto Experts” in the Media 

Does your neighborhood paper or TV news station have a nearby auto master? Assuming this is the case, call their business when searching for a proficient auto mechanics shop. Despite the fact that they may not offer the most reduced costs nearby, if the region media are able to feature their insight, odds are they know vehicles. So don’t pick your repairman dependent on cost alone. 

3. Check With the Better Business Bureau 

Albeit most mechanics are straightforward and most auto fix shops are reliable, consistently there are some that leave clients not exactly glad. In 2016, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) got more than 10,000 protests against auto fix organizations. 

4. Search for AAA-Certified Shops 

In excess of 7,000 fix offices across North America have the qualification of being an Approved Auto Repair (AAR) Facility, as licensed by the American Automobile Association (AAA). An AAR shop satisfies the severe expert guidelines of the AAA for client care, office appearance, and staff capability and certificate, and might be a decent spot to begin when you need another technician. 

5. Recognize Shops That Have Been in Business Several Years 

While considering another auto mechanics shop, search for notices, window show stickers, or plaques commending how long the shop has been doing business — the more drawn out, the better. Or on the other hand inquire. In the event that their different clients hadn’t been fulfilled that load of years, the business would have collapsed quite a while past.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

Have you ever wondered how old car morels as far back as the 1940s are still alive today? We all know that all cars become old – just as we do. When a car hits its fifth year you would notice that it’s no longer shiny as it is in the previous years. You will experience problems in the brakes, tires, or even with its paint. So if you want to prolong the life of your car, here are some tips that can help you.

1. Check Fluid Levels Regularly

Makers suggest that you watch out for your vehicle’s liquid levels to guarantee that your vehicle performs at ideal levels. This implies checking the brake, coolant, and oil liquids routinely. On the off chance that you are uncertain about how frequently you have to do this for your particular vehicle, you can generally allude to the manual to discover.

2. Get it Washed Frequently

Subsequent to spending a ton of cash on another vehicle you’ll clearly need to keep it fit as a fiddle. For that to occur, you have to get it washed much of the time. To start with, you’ll be amped up for your vehicle and thusly won’t require a lot of influence to wash much of the time yet additional time this errand can turn out to be less stylish.

3. Keep Interior Clean

One of the fundamental things you should zero in on with regards to keeping up your vehicles excellence is keeping the inside quite spotless. This is considerably more significant on the off chance that you have a light inside. Having discernibly recolored seats and floor will limitlessly influence the sell-on estimation of your vehicle.

4. Clean the air channel

A simple thing to fail to remember is changing the air channel of your vehicle. This prompts a grimy or obstructed channel that expands fuel utilization and helpless vehicle execution. So remember to change your air channels at any rate once per year. You may think about transforming them two times every year or more in case you’re driving in dusty and dirtied territories.

5. Drive With Inflated Tires

Your vehicle’s dealing with and execution are subject to the correct expansion of its tires. Driving with swelled tires won’t just make it simpler for you to deal with your vehicle yet will likewise give you better mileage? Thus, before you leave for that excursion, ensure that your vehicle’s tires are appropriately expanded!

Benefits of Replacing Your Car’s Tires

Replacing used car tires is one of the essential maintenance tasks that most vehicle owners can feel right away. Tires can become thinner and untidy due to wear and tear. Aside from destroying the aesthetic appeal of your car, worn out tires can cause a lot of issues in your car and may even cause accidents. That is why we have listed some of the most important benefits of replacing the tires of your car.

Improve safety

Replacing your car’s tires will provide safety for your vehicle for the next 65,000 to 100,000 miles of driving. It also improves the ability of your car to come to a full stop, go forward or backward, and make a u-turn. Tires may need to be replaced every seven years but lesser years for cars that are used more often. Tire replacement cost around $400 to $500 depending on the brand and vehicle model. News models can even be more expensive but you can think about it as a small premium to keep you safe when driving.

Increase performance

It’s not just about the brakes and radiators. Tires determine how much power your car can put to the ground, whether you can brake abruptly without rolling over and drive downhill or uphill. Even so, you need to replace the tires of your car if you are planning to go on a rough road. Take note that different types of road have corresponding requisites for tires.

Improve traction

Traction is how your tire grip on the road. If your tires have become thinner due to wear and tear it may affect your brakes or slide when you drive downhill.  This is why it is essential that you pay attention to your tires and replace them when necessary. Softer tires are great for snowy and muddy roads while harder tires are ideal for asphalt roads. If you live in a city with different seasons, it is best that you stock up different sets of tires so you can change easily as the weather transitions from summer to winter.

Comfortable driving experience

One of the most important benefits of changing the tires of your car is having a comfortable driving experience. Nothing beats being able to just sit and relax when you drive. This is very important especially if you drive on a daily basis or take long trips.

How to Pick the Right Brake Pads

Where you are using mechanically-operated brake shoes or computer-controlled ABS system, brake pads can wear out eventually due to wear and tear. However, as a car owner, you should not wait until the brake pads wear out completely. It is important that you keep them in check and replace them before they become ultimately damaged. If you feel that your brake pads are wearing thin, here are the features that you should look for to find the perfect brake pads for your vehicle.

Choose a good brand for the brake pads.

Look for brake pads brands that can sustain all types of weather conditions. It is your right to ask the shop owner whether the brakes function for all seasons. Depending on the brand of material of the brake pads, they may or may not last through different weather conditions.

Consider how much noise the brake pads will make.

Ensure that you choose something which produces less noise and vibration. Also, you don’t want brake pads that feel hard when pressing down on it.

Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT).

This is the maximum limit that the brake pad can read before it becomes unsafe.  The MOT can depend on where you want to drive. Take into consideration some factors like how mountainous is your driving, how hot is the climate you live in, what are the traffic patterns in your place and how tolerant are you to brakes?

Decide the material construction of the brake pads.

You can choose among metallic, semi metallic, and organic. Organic brake pads are durable and long-lasting but they don’t provide superior braking when you are travelling downhill. Semi-metallic brake pads are also durable and are often a favorite choice for many drivers, but they do wear out easily. Fully metallic brakes can provide great braking conditions and are probably the best among all, but like the semi-metallic brake pads, they can wear out.

Study your car’s brake system carefully.

Consider the entire brake system of your car when replacing the brakes. You should also consider the type of brake pads that will suit best to you entire brake system. In some cases, the brake pads do not work well when the rotors they contact are not high-quality or when they do not fit the criteria needed for the break system.

Generally, rotors have one size that fits all. However, the availability of various brands may require you to make important considerations when replacing your brakes. We hope that you find these tips on how to replace your brake pads useful. 

Typical Cost for Transmission Repair

The typical cost for transmission repair in the United States can vary depending on how complex the task is.  A simple leak from a cracked fluid line or installing a brand new replacement could cost $1500 to $2000. However labor alone will cost you more or less $1000. If you ask why the typical cost for transmission repair is expensive, here are some factors that usually affect the cost.

Transmission leak

The average cost to repair a leak in the transmission usually cost around $200. However, the pricing can fluctuate depending on the state of the transmission. Factors like cracked fluid lines, bad pan gasket, and leaky seals will be taken into consideration. We suggest that you keep up with factory recommended maintenance to help reduce the risk of leaking transmission.

CVT Transmission

The cost can also vary whether your car is automatic or manual. Apparently, replacing or repairing CVT transmission is more expensive than manual. The typical cost for transmission repair of a CVT automobile ranges between $3500 and $8000.  Nevertheless, repair shops would also take into consideration the brand and model of vehicles such as Nissan and Honda. If you have the latest Subaru, then you probably need to prepare an extra budget.

Transmission Linkage

One of the common problems in transmission linkage is that it can get worn out over time. If it is malfunctioning, you can ask your mechanic to run a diagnostic and tighten it up. The cost will be $150. However, if you need to repair your transmission linkage it will cost around $250 for labor and other parts needed for the repair.

Reverse Gear Repair

If you have a reverse gear problem, which is still part of the transmission, it will cost you around $300. Just pray that the damage is external but if your mechanic finds some internal issues, he can raise the cost between $650 and $1050.   If you are experiencing an error code in the transmission, you need to bring your car immediately to the repair shop so your mechanic can run a diagnostic.

Whether you have a sports car, a truck, or a simple car transmission is an essential part of your vehicle that you should not take for granted. Knowing the typical cost for transmission repair is important for car owners. It allows you to prepare some budget especially in case you encounter issues with your transmission.

The last time this happened to me, I was traveling in the Phoenix area and had to call a tow truck guy to tow my truck to a local shop for repairs. I called Mesa Towing Services and they hauled me to a local auto repair shop who took good care of me. They didn’t try to gouge me when it came time to talk about a transmission overhaul. It’s good to know what typical repairs costs.

How to Install a Lift Kit on a 4×4 Truck or Jeep

Many drivers tend to get a lift kit for many reasons. Some car owners are probably relocating but need a lift kit to move an extra vehicle.  Other people are just extreme off-roaders who love trekking in the mountains and need a lift kit to make their truck look more aggressive. Lifting your truck also keeps it from getting dirty especially when going through muddy terrains. So here are some tips on how to install a lift kit on a 4×4 truck or jeep.

 Make sure that you get a lift kit from a reputable company like Mopar.

In fact, if you do not know or are not so confident about how to install a lift on a 4×4 truck or jeep, you can inquire if the company offers the same services.  In most cases, it is always advisable to let the professionals install the lift kit.

Buy the right size of the lift kit.

Lift kits are specifically designed with different variations. The size of the lift kit depends on the size and kind of your car. Do consult a professional to have it checked for you. They can also recommend the best lift kit for you.

Prepare enough budget and probably extra money.

Expect that lifts are expensive.  When installing the lifts, you also need to consider some accessories and more customization to other essential parts like the wheels and tires. Generally installing a lift kit costs around $2,000 for its parts only. Remember that you still need to pay for the service or the mechanic who will modify your vehicles.

Get ready for the changes.

 If you have complained about your fuel economy then you need to reconsider getting a lift kit for your 4×4 vehicle. Technically, a lift kit will make your vehicle bad on gas. So if you want to install it you also need to be ready for the consequences. Also there will be changes as to how you control the vehicle and make sure you have enough training to drive it.

Do not attempt to install the lift kits yourself.

 Unless you are a certified mechanic, you can do the task yourself. Otherwise, you might experience serious issues in the future that can put your safety at risk.  Installing lift kits requires training and certification considering the fact that involves vehicles. No matter how simple it looks online, there can be a lot of complexities in the process.

Check out this informative video to learn more:

Advantage of Getting Your Car Repaired with the Professional

Car mechanic working in auto repair service

When it comes to auto repair, you need to make sure that you are going to use only a professional when your vehicle needs repairs. This is because of so many reasons. There are many people that are thinking that they can repair their vehicles easy and cheap, but at the end of the day, they are going to spend more money. And, this just because they wanted to get it done as cheaply as possible. Here are some reasons why you should make sure that you are only making use of a professional when it comes to auto repair:

Getting done the right way

One of the first reasons why you should use a professional when it comes to auto repair is because then you know that the vehicle is going to be repaired the right way. There are no short cuts done when they repaired the vehicle so that it gets done faster and so that they can make more money.

By using someone that isn’t a professional and that doesn’t have the experience, you are going to risk that the repair isn’t going to be done, correctly. You are going to have this problem again.

Using high quality parts

The professionals know the importance of using the highest quality parts for auto repairs. This is so that you don’t go to struggle with the same problem again.

Those mechanics that are working from their back yard are using the cheapest parts that they can find, and they are charging you for the expensive ones. The risk is that you are going to have the same problem within a couple of months. 

 Getting a warrantee with the repair

With using a professional in auto repair, you are going to get a warrantee on the repairs done. Most of the time the warrantee is for a year or sometimes even for two years. It will depend on the type of repair that was done.

By using someone that isn’t a professional, you are not going to get a warrantee in any way. This will mean that even if the vehicle broke within a day, you will pay for the repairs again.

The reassurance that you are going to have a repaired vehicle

The most important reason why you should truly consider a professional auto repair service is so that you are going to have the reassurance that you are going to have a repaired vehicle. And, that you don’t need to worry again about the same problem. They even might find some minor problems that they can repair so that it doesn’t develop in something bigger. 

Too many people are taking the easy way out when they need to consider auto repair. They think that they can use the cheaper, backyard mechanics for repairing their vehicles. These were just some of the reasons why you should not consider using them, but rather to pay more and use the professional services for repairing your vehicle. Then, you will know that your vehicle is repaired and ready for another year or two of driving.