Typical Cost for Transmission Repair

The typical cost for transmission repair in the United States can vary depending on how complex the task is.  A simple leak from a cracked fluid line or installing a brand new replacement could cost $1500 to $2000. However labor alone will cost you more or less $1000. If you ask why the typical cost for transmission repair is expensive, here are some factors that usually affect the cost.

Transmission leak

The average cost to repair a leak in the transmission usually cost around $200. However, the pricing can fluctuate depending on the state of the transmission. Factors like cracked fluid lines, bad pan gasket, and leaky seals will be taken into consideration. We suggest that you keep up with factory recommended maintenance to help reduce the risk of leaking transmission.

CVT Transmission

The cost can also vary whether your car is automatic or manual. Apparently, replacing or repairing CVT transmission is more expensive than manual. The typical cost for transmission repair of a CVT automobile ranges between $3500 and $8000.  Nevertheless, repair shops would also take into consideration the brand and model of vehicles such as Nissan and Honda. If you have the latest Subaru, then you probably need to prepare an extra budget.

Transmission Linkage

One of the common problems in transmission linkage is that it can get worn out over time. If it is malfunctioning, you can ask your mechanic to run a diagnostic and tighten it up. The cost will be $150. However, if you need to repair your transmission linkage it will cost around $250 for labor and other parts needed for the repair.

Reverse Gear Repair

If you have a reverse gear problem, which is still part of the transmission, it will cost you around $300. Just pray that the damage is external but if your mechanic finds some internal issues, he can raise the cost between $650 and $1050.   If you are experiencing an error code in the transmission, you need to bring your car immediately to the repair shop so your mechanic can run a diagnostic.

Whether you have a sports car, a truck, or a simple car transmission is an essential part of your vehicle that you should not take for granted. Knowing the typical cost for transmission repair is important for car owners. It allows you to prepare some budget especially in case you encounter issues with your transmission.

The last time this happened to me, I was traveling in the Phoenix area and had to call a tow truck guy to tow my truck to a local shop for repairs. I called Mesa Towing Services and they hauled me to a local auto repair shop who took good care of me. They didn’t try to gouge me when it came time to talk about a transmission overhaul. It’s good to know what typical repairs costs.

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